Hello it’s Hannah here As anyone would know who has gone to the shops lately, they have put up Christmas decorations in France . I love going in the shops with the lights up , the moving stuffed animals in their wooden houses . There is a certain feeling that you couldn’t understand if you haven’t been to the shops when they are decorated . With the Christmas music in the background all you want to  do is freeze time . Have you ever gone to shops on a Saturday in Christmas season, it’s very busy . It feels like your in a film withRead More →

hello it’s Hannah here Today is the 1st of December yay!!! 🎄I propose to you a recipe of my own creation . It’s weird but it tastes great 🤩🤩🤩 It consists of chocolate balls ,mousse and icing sugar.  First of all you break your chocolate ball in half (mine wasn’t perfect but it did the Job) .Then you put in some chocolate mousse both sides and then add icing sugar .  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah here As December approaches, I decided to decorate some biscuits . As I am still at university I decided to adapt the way I did it . I bought some biscuits because I didn’t want to impose in the kitchen for too long . I bought some icing sugar and water and food colouring mix the icing sugar and water together with food  colouring Then decorate to yours hearts content.  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah Have you left your advent calendar to the last minute but don’t want to buy one ? Do not worry here are some advent calendar ideas . 1) get a Christmas stocking or bag and put in 24 chocolates .everyday you will pick one out .It doesn’t have to be chocolate, it could be sweets or even something that is not edible that you would look forward to getting everything day . 2) Get some string or wool and tie it between two things . Then you will need some pegs from your garden . Finally you will need some chocolate orRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah I love to watch Christmas films , even when it’s not Christmas 🤫 . What are you’re favourite Christmas films ? Here are some that i recommend. All the Harry Potter films The grinch The Christmas chronicles Home alone A Christmas Prince The polar express Scrooge Arthurs Christmas Il be home for Christmas A wish for Christmas Christmas inheritance The knight before Christmas The princess switch  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah I love making reindeer food , I made it for the first time a few years ago . We have made it every year since then . It is very fun to make and to eat and anyone any age can do it . 1) you need to get a varied amount of cereals ( coco pops , cornflakes , chocolate cereal, fruit cereal) 2) you need icing sugar 3) Mix it all together IT CAN’T GO WRONG 🙃Read More →