First year of university (France) done ….. When I first thought about university I had the impression that there was this big building with loads of rooms  . Like in pitch perfect and every other film about uni . In the films they are in amphitheatres , chatting while the teacher was speaking , go out for drinks ect,.. I found out that it wasn’t so different to the films appart from the obvious differences  . There was a massive building with five levels ,  with different sized rooms. Next to it ,  there is a restaurant / cafeteria where you can eat . OppositeRead More →

DIY trifle Hello it’s Hannah here yesterday I decided to make a make a trifle at university  . I made it the simplest way I could possibly think of . I am so exited to share it ….. first of all you have to make jelly . I found some jelly and made a big batch up of it .( more for another pudding lol ). It took about 7 hours to set .   Secondly you have to buy some chocolate yoghurts with cream on top . finally once your jelly is set you serve it in to a bow and carefully put yourRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here I am currently in my first year of university in France , I came to France 6 years ago . I am studying sociology at the moment . Being English in a French university  has it’s pros and cons but for the most part it is a bit of a challenge . I have found over the years that going to the English group isn’t the wisest of choices  . The french kids  thinks that you don’t want to friends . Then comes the problem when the English group don’t want to friends with you either because you are too quiet.Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah here here are a few latin phrases I find interesting …..   Tempus fugit – times flies  Reductio ad absurdum – reduction to absurdity Respice, adspice, prospice – look to the past, look to the present, look to the future Ut sementem feceris ita metes – as you sow, so you will reap Veritas vos liberabit – the truth shall set you freeRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here why study sociology ?  I never thought I would be here studying sociology , I had my heart set on economy . Over the holidays wrote the dictionary of economics out in a book to get ready for the new year . I saved all my revision notes from last year about economics . Last year I studied economy as a speciality , I really enjoyed it thus I wanted to study it at university . I moved university’s a week in because it was too far away and I am not used to living in the city . I movedRead More →

Hello it’s hannah here My name is Hannah, I have lived in France for 6 years and am at university . I am the second eldest out of 5 children also I am a TWIN. . The subjects that interest me the most are sociology, economics, and Spanish. I am currently learning latin. I have recently changed university and courses ; i have decided to move to sociology . I wasn’t sure weather it was my cup of tea but i am really enjoying it so far . As far as work is concerned it has been very demanding compared to lycée . I haveRead More →