Hey, it is Hannah here!!!! 😊

My name is Hannah, I have lived in France for 5 years and am going to university next year to study economics. I am the second eldest out of 5 children also I am a Twin. I have decided to start to write a blog most of all because of confinement. I would like to talk about certain subjects close to heart. I am your average 18-year-old who likes to put on makeup, make my hair look nice and loves to cook. The subjects that interest me the most are sociology, economics, and Spanish. 


I would like to start my blogging journey by talking about the last few months which were as we know a time of confusion and boredom. this time of confinement was difficult and most of the time I found myself taking comfort in food.  Others took this this period to lose weight and learn new things.

Over confinement I found out a lot about by myself and other people. Unlike adverts and social media who suggest confinement has broken marriages and relationships. I have discovered sides of people that I have never seen before. 

These last few months have been a roller-coaster, I have felt and seen with my own eyes’ relationships at rock bottom but also the happiest moments of my life. At the beginning of lock down like others I am sure I didn’t want to go back to school , I enjoyed not having to go school could do things that I never had the time to do while I was at school .I could draw to my heart’s content and I started using tictok. 

After a few weeks we started lessons online.  I was exited to make my profile and create an account.  I found myself very invested in lessons online but being shy it took me a long time to start participating more on more often but know that I never used my microphone. It is safe to say that the teachers were not happy that no one spoke during the lessons. Even though I appreciated the lessons provided by my teachers I have to admet that over time my motivation went down like led balloon. Some lessons were harder to stay concentrated in than others. I found that the more interactive the teacher was the more I enjoyed the lesson nevertheless I was always present and tried my best to stay focused.  overall, it has been a remarkably interesting time.



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