Living in france : accents

 Hey it is Hannah ,             

Being the eldest of 5 children, it was obvious that my younger siblings would pick up the language quicker than me. but I never prepared myself for the obvious differences in accents among us 5. When we moved here me, and my sister were 13 my brother was 9 and my sister was 7. The youngest was born here so she is going have an excellent accent. My sister (  the second youngest ) was already quite intelligent for her age, so she had no trouble and she was outgoing, it was obvious that she was going learn and speak French better than I was ever going to.

I have been told numerous amounts of times that what makes the difference is confidence but never understood really what they meant. It only occurred to me this year that if I had the confidence to speak to people, I could have been able to speak better than today. I am a shy girl as it is and never unless forced to participate in England, so it was apparent that in France it was not going to change. I would go as far to say that I did not want to speak at all even in an English lesson. It was never an option to ask for things in shops even though I knew what to say, I would try to help them by whispering what I thought they had to say. It has not changed to this day.

My brother can speak well and is not afraid to speak up if he needs to. I will admire this quality that I will never acquire. He had the courage to stand up for himself one year in to living in France, today he speaks like a pro. I have learnt over time that if you have confidence it does not matter If you have no idea what you are going to say you formulate something. I have come to abide by the saying

“whatever you do, do not stop trying to express yourself “. 

    Do not stay quiet keep talking until you get your point across. Next year I am going to university so I will be obligated to ask for stuff by myself. 

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