Moving to France

Hey it is hannah here!!!!😀

Its safe to say that moving to France was exceedingly difficult, I found myself saying goodbye to people and associations that I was member of , like guides and a choir and school friends that I still speak to this day. The year we moved to France me and my sister were being home-educated. In effect I was a member of many groups such as cooking groups and I had the opportunity to have singing lessons as well as a choir. It never hit me that I left my life for good in England until my journey back to France for the second time. I had the privilege to participate in the concert young voices in 2015 with a choir.

When we got to France, we rented a house for 6 months and then we bought a house soon after. I found the house excessively big compared to our house in England. There were two sets of stairs and two doors. it took a lot of decorating to get it looking good but there is always something to improve even today.

Starting school was difficult, I found it so overwhelming that I cried my full day of school. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had English, history, and music. I remember picking a few words like “accord” et “bon”. Although I studied French at primary school was obligated to study Spanish and secondary school. I knew some colours and numbers but could not for the life of me spell them, which showed when I did my first test In France.

Being in France was kind of cool because I got to learn three languages at once. I had to do all the subjects in French as well as do Spanish and English ,Like you may think I didn’t always get full marks in English , as stupid as it sounds required a minimum amount of revision which I found out in quatrieme . In Spanish, the teacher could always here my English accent and most of the time didn’t understand me.

It took a lot of hard work to get the average but eventually I got by brevet as well as another qualification.

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