latin :lesson 1

Hey its Hannah here !!!!!
I have started to learn latin , I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me …..
Day one
 to be  : esse
sum es ea /is
sum vir
tu es vir
is est vir  / ea est femina
I have only learnt the first  three pronoms , nevertheless this seems like a victory
puella = girl/ fille
puer = boy /garcon
femina = women / femme
vir = man / homme
exemple : puella sum – I am a girl / je suis une fille
Hannah femina est – Hannah is a girl /Hannah est une fille  ATTENTION IT DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME MEANING
insula britannia est – The island is Britain
Ben est puer – Ben is a man / Ben est un homme
Here’s a challenge :
Lucy is a girl :
you are a man :


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