latin day 9: Introduction to conjugation

Hey it’s Hannah here ……. I have started to learn latin ,this is my ninth  day .I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me……..

Bellow is a list to learn of by heart to know which conjugaisons we are dealing with …..

first : o , as are

second : eo es ere

third : o , is ,ere

mixt  third : io , is ere

fourth : io , is , ire

exemple :

amo  ,as are avi atum : to like = I (present) , you (present) , infinitive , supine , translation

debeo , es , ere , debui , debitum : to have to = I (present) , you (present) , infinitive , supine , translation

This tells us which conjugation to use ……..

I have to be honest , I couldn’t understand why we had to know the different conjugations , but I soon found out that it was the vowel that changes with the theme .




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