All you need to know about lycée

Hey it’s Hannah here….’

Today I am going to giving you a guide of all you have to know about lycée .Lycée is a new experience that makes you become a more open minded person .

  • You are introduced to a variety of subjects , this allows you to broaden your mind to other things . I was introduced to economics . Being introduced to economics allowed me  to find my passion which I thought was science for a long time .I am passionate about economics and I wish to peruse a carrier in economics . Maybe you will find / found your passion as well.
  • You get more freedom at lycée , you can go out during your free time if you wish . You are only obligated to be at the lycée during your  hours of lessons .
  • Going to lycée makes you Autonomous . You have the right to do what you want during your free time . I would recommend you study but it is ultimately your choice . Personally I went to the library or the study room .
  • more opportunity’s .At my lycée there was a music room and the fete du lycée . There are competitions you can enter and days that are utilized to spread joy . For exemple they did an international day .
  • You become less important . I mean this in the best way possible . Every mistake you made at college was noticed  ( I went to a small college) but at lycée going the wrong way to a lesson or sitting by yourself doesn’t really get you noticed .

In brief , going to lycée is an experience that you will never forget . I enjoyed lycée more that any other establishment that I have attended  so far . I am yet to experience university .





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