What was confinement like in France?

Hey it’s Hannah here

confinement lasted a few months , when we first went in to confinement nothing was really prepared . Regarding school we didn’t start for two weeks .But when we started it was full on. Everyone was getting used to using computers to do lessons . it was kind of fun at the start but as time progressed it a bit annoying not being able to see the teachers (we had to listen to them ) .

Over confinement I couldn’t say that it was boring because we had a lot of work to do but at the same time working got a boring . I didn’t really start a hobby like everyone else but I did binge watch Netflix .

It turns out we ate more than usually over confinement , the food bills were way more than we usually spend . Either we ate more or we were naïve about how much we ate before . We got more snacks and I think we ate more often .




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