the french health care system

Hey it’s Hannah here

Today I would like to discuss the french health care system

There are 2 types of social protections
the bismarckian system
the beverigien system
The Bismarckian system is based on the logic of insurance: all employees contribute . It is bulit up with insurance funds to distribute social benefits.
This is the case for france
The Beverigian system: is based on assistance, citizens obtain rights to social benefits financed not by employees and businesses but by everyone through taxes.
This is the case for England
fun fact beverigian is a was created by William Beveridge , an economist .

In france , The French healthcare system funded by compulsory healthcare contributions.

These contributions are deducted from all salaries ,and paid by employers, employees as well as the self-employed. As well as beoing funded by the central government .


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