Public holidays in France

Hey it’s Hannah here

Today we will discus Public holidays in france

In france there are public holidays A public holiday is a special day because during it, no one works except a few important services, such as firefighters, hospitals, police…. . Sunday is also public holiday a day.
a few examples are :,
1st January -New Year’s Day / Jour de l’an
1 May- Labor Day / Fête du Travail;
8 May- WWII Victory Day /Fête de la Victoire 1945; Fête du huitième mai
14 July- Bastille Day / Fête nationale
15 August- Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary /Assomption
1 November – All Saints Day /La Toussaint
11 November- Armistice Day / Jour d’armistice
25 December- Christmas Day /Noël


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