First day of french school

Hey it’s Hannah here

Let’s be honest it’s the holidays , who wants to be thinking about going to school ?

Nevertheless the first day of school is important and scary , it is important to talk about . Never mind going to a French school when have or not just moved to France .

I have been to two schools in France .I went to collège and lycée . I was thinking what if they ask me a question ? What if they find out I am English ? What if I don’t understand what they said ?

I have always been quiet on the first day ( as well as every other day ,but especially on the first day ). Even though it was probably the most important day to speak I never had the guts to speak to anyone .

I have paid the price so many times for being quiet on the first day . In terminal they were giving out lockers in the classroom to keep your computers in when you didn’t need them ( like p.e) . I had to as a result take my computer everywhere with me even to go an eat . ( my sister did take it for pe ) .

On the first day they do administrative stuff like logins and give out agendas etc.. I have numerous times not understood what they said or missed the password for a account . I stayed the first 2 weeks without because I didn’t say anything .

The first day can be daunting but I don’t recommended staying quiet if you need help.


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