Two places , nowhere to belong

Hey it’s Hannah

moving to France has created problems I wasn’t prepared for . It caused a feeling of belonging nowhere . Let me explain :

when I moved to France I didn’t and don’t feel like it fit in , I am not french and will never be like everyone in France . Things that make me feel like I don’t belong are : I don’t speak like everyone else ( I don’t have a french accent ) , I don’t have the same culture or traditions as everyone in France .

I have found my self  to celebrating them because I find them interesting to learn about and they are worth celebrating . I celebrate English traditions as well that , not many people celebrate in France .

England has moved on without me , people have changes , places have changed , it’s not the same  going back to the town I would go to everyday after school or even the town I lived in .

what do you think about living abroad ?


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