Prepositions prepositions have to be followed by either an ablative , accusative , dative , genitive ,vocative and nominative . For the moment we shall focus on the ablative and accusative . a ,ab, abs  + ablatif = en s’éloignant de /  en partant de , depuis , de ad + accusatif = vers / prés de / jusqu’à / pour / suivant ante +accusatif = avant / devant apud + accusatif = au près de / chez / dans cum + ablatif = avec de + ablatif = de , du haut de / au sortie de / au sujet de ex , eRead More →

This has taken me a while to find the courage to write ….. As you may know or not I have gone to university this year. I have not by any standards taken it well . I have gone miles away from home. I don’t like it because I am so far away as well as that the trams stress me out . It turns out that I am not a fan big cities. The first night was the worst , I just wanted to go home , I cried much I had no tears left to cry. I wanted to go home so badlyRead More →