Why sociology ?

Hello it’s Hannah here

why study sociology ?  I never thought I would be here studying sociology , I had my heart set on economy . Over the holidays wrote the dictionary of economics out in a book to get ready for the new year . I saved all my revision notes from last year about economics . Last year I studied economy as a speciality , I really enjoyed it thus I wanted to study it at university .

I moved university’s a week in because it was too far away and I am not used to living in the city . I moved an hour away from my home. . Unfortunately I could do economic there so I decide to do sociology instead . I did enjoy sociology at school  but not as much a economics .

A month in studying sociology I have found a new passion for it . I get to learn about social behaviour and understand why and how people act .

But why is sociology so interesting ?

  • It allows you as well as other things to understand yourself and why you do certain things , act a certain way , the way we think , behave and feel . There are always explications .




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