An non stereotypical student life

Hello it’s hannah 

Contrary to what the tv shows portray as the student like (eating fast-food all the time , going out with friends , having friends in the building they stay in ) , I can say that personally it not at all like that for me , being English  and shy plays a big part .

My day would typically be going to lessons and coming back to my room having dinner and sleeping. I eat alone in my room , sometimes I make it in the kitchen but most of the time i make it with my kettle and tins of vegetables and fish . To be honest it is better that way because I prefer to be alone , I don’t particularly like to socialise with people. But some time it does get lonely especially when I see people going out to the shops together or eating dinner  together in the kitchen.

I usually go shopping on my own , I carry loads of water back it is very heavy but it got easier when i bought a trolley. I can bring enough water for the week now .



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