Advice for University (in France)

Hello it’s Hannah , I am in my second year of university in France here are a few things I with I knew.

1) Get shopping trolly to bring with you to the shops . I have a blue one with three wheels . I was carrying back in bags it was the most tiring thing I have done  . You soon come to appreciate eating at home , when you don’t have to walk to the shops (you can go in car 😉) and you don’t always have to make it yourself everyday.

2) You don’t have to bring all your things with you to university  , or even buy loads of books and pens . This year I am using one book for all subjects , it is a lot easier to keep track of your lessons .

3)  Be proud to be able to understand and speak English . Last year I felt ashamed to have an English accent  when speaking English . I felt so different from everyone else but this year it has come in very handy to understand and speak English. Teachers tend to put more and more English videos in lessons .

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