Hello it’s Hannah here As a student i live in a room with a fridge and toilet all in the same room . To my surprise when i got back from the christmas holidays i found my toilet would not stop running after it was flushed . I went to tell the reception my problem , but i was stuck with my problem for 2 days . As you maybe able to notice that at night time it was the worst thing in the world to have to hear . On top of that i was annoying everyone else with the noise but there wasRead More →

Hello its hannah here I don’t know this or not but you shouldn’t dry your dishes with a towel (unless you know its clean) . It can harbour bacteria . I have recently bought  myself a dryer rack to dry my dishes . It has come very handy . All i have to do is put them out to dry . I used a towel before but i have been told that it is not a very hygienic way to dry them (from a chef 👩‍🍳 ) . Yesterday i got a  dish drying mat to put under the drying rack .    Read More →

Hello its Hannah here Today the lessons are officially starting , the lessons are starting of light then they get become more and more until it is practically 8 am to 8pm .  As the lessons are starting so is the spread of covid . Some lessons are being halved . they are splitting the class in 2 , to accommodate the right amount of students in the classroom , some are going to be learning at home . As there will be more and more Learning at home , there will also be less motivation to go on to the lessons as wells asRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here i am in my second year of university in France . I am studying sociology . last week we had our final tests for the first semester of the second year  . In France they are called partiels . As far as testing goes in university in France . There are 2 notes you have : the marks from the Td’ (travail dirigé ) . If I were to describe it , I would call them classes . the partiels are tests from the lectures . The class work is supposed to compensate for the mark you get in the text forRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here School has started again !!! – ready to start writing the date wrong  . -new time tables are coming out  (university) – getting ready for the bac , brevet – the weather is cold Are you ready ? 🤔  Read More →