My toilet was running for 2 days non stop

Hello it’s Hannah here

As a student i live in a room with a fridge and toilet all in the same room . To my surprise when i got back from the christmas holidays i found my toilet would not stop running after it was flushed .

I went to tell the reception my problem , but i was stuck with my problem for 2 days . As you maybe able to notice that at night time it was the worst thing in the world to have to hear . On top of that i was annoying everyone else with the noise but there was nothing i could do about it .

What did i do ?

i changed sides of the bed because my head was right by the toilet (it took me one whole night to figure that one out 😂) .

i covered my ears with a pillow till i fell asleep


Finally someone came to fix it (i couldn’t do anything with it because i didn’t have acces to the back of the toilet ).


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