Hello it’s Hannah here At Christmas everyone has there own way to do Christmas and eat at Christmas . We eat lamb and turkey because it is expensive. This year we are thinking about having prawns and cocktail to spice it up a bit . I love having Brussels sprouts and loads of vegetables with it . we always have a truffle and Christmas pudding for after (don’t forget the gingerbread) and a box of celebrations .  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah The organisation of Christmas Day is important, first thing first it helps to cut the vegetables the night before ( I like doing it with my mum ) . – Put the meat in the oven or slow cooker in the morning that way it is done and you can enjoy the day . – prepare the table the night before it is very nice to see it in the morning all done . – put the wrapping paper in the bin straight away – after Christmas dinner get the whole family to help (even if everyone is full) – don’t doRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah Christmas Day is a very eventful day , here is how it normally goes : wake up to find the tree with lights on and the presents open the first present go to church have Christmas dinner open some more presents watch a Christmas film eat the left overs from Christmas dinner .  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah here Everyone has a Christmas dream and a Christmas reality . Christmas doesn’t always go to plan but it’s normally one thing goes wrong  then the whole day is a train wreck. The turkey or chicken has been burnt or it’s not ready when it’s supposed to be , Someone doesn’t like their present …. the key to not falling in to the trap : everything has to go right .  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah here …. If your not vaccinated in France you can’t go out for drinks and eating or go to Christmas markets . But do not worry I have the thing for you . 1) put on Christmas jumpers 2) make Christmas goodies 3) put up your Christmas tree 4) decorate your Christmas tree 5) watch Christmas films 6) dance to Christmas music 7 ) go look at the Christmas lights 8) you can order foodRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here A secret Santa is a organised event where  someone in a group of people gets a present for someone without the other person knowing . Everyone gets a present from someone. Getting a present for someone else that you may or may not know very well is hard . What do you get them ? How much do  you spend ? The thing to remember is a secret Santa present is a extra present. girl – Doll , nail varnish , poppets , note book , a bag , books  , clothes , music cd etc,….. Boy – mens perfum ,Read More →