Hey it’s Hannah As In France school’s started yesterday all the primary schools and secondary schools went back . Not having a car because my day needed it to work , we had to walk my youngest sister to school . This was not a problem as such but I wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen later that day . It’s safe to say that it was tiring and very hot , but we got her to school on time .  The journey to school is about 5km there and back . Later that day I had a pain in my foot/ankle that IRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah I think it is important to give a first hand opinion and experience about the last few months . A Few months ago in France we went in to lockdown because of covid19 . This meant that we had to do distance learning online , It has been a roller coaster with it’s up and downs . Lets start at the beginning .Lessons didn’t start until two weeks later .When we started, we were working every day, mostly 8:30 starts as well as some homework to give in .  I enjoyed  it but sometimes I found it a bit stressful and boringRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah Today is fathers day (Fête des Pères) . as a one of 5 children , we celebrate fathers day everyone with a cake and some presents . Normally we get some pain au chocolate and croissants for breakfast .The most important thing about fathers days is that we say thank you to our fathers for all they have done for us .Where would we be without fathers or a manly figure in our lives . Why do we celebrate them just once a year ? Should we not be celebrating them every day ? Traditions have changed about fathers day , nowRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Today I am going to be talking about french music I have listened to during my time in France , I have to admet french music is really good and I grown to love many artists and learn some of there songs off by heart. When we first got here , because of a lack of tv channels we found our self watch a music channel . I discovered people like Christine and the queens and soprano  among others . I like Lara fabien as well as Amel bent and Jenifer  and others that have created great songs .Most of theseRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah Today I am going to discuss ways to revise in your maternel language as well as a foreign language for me that was French , that I used through my school life and how I plan on revising at university . Firstly  , from year 6 I remember revising so hard to get a good results in my SATs, I ended up getting a 4a which my teacher was very proud of but I wasn’t impressed with at all . From that point used various ways to revise ,I have to admit that it took some time to get at good methodRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here !!!!!!😃 So you might be wondering what the french school system is ? Having lived in France for 5 years now I know how it works first Hand . the difference between the English school system and the french school system is at  secondary school “au college” and  college “au lycée” There is only 4 years in secondary school “college” in France compared to 5 in England . As well as there is no 6th form in France . As a result there is only 3 years at college “lycée” First of all we will start with pre-school   “école maternal”Read More →

Hey it’s Hannah here !!!!!!😃 All in all, going to a French school was an interesting experience that I have never experienced in my like. There were ups and downs like any other school, but I had to face the problem of the language barrier. Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying it for the most part. I went to a private secondary school , in France it’s called a “college” it was nothing like a private school in England it was way cheeper and it was less judgement I found than an English private school , having had  the privilege to go to a private schoolRead More →

 Hey it is Hannah ,              Being the eldest of 5 children, it was obvious that my younger siblings would pick up the language quicker than me. but I never prepared myself for the obvious differences in accents among us 5. When we moved here me, and my sister were 13 my brother was 9 and my sister was 7. The youngest was born here so she is going have an excellent accent. My sister (  the second youngest ) was already quite intelligent for her age, so she had no trouble and she was outgoing, it was obvious thatRead More →

Hey it is hannah here!!!!😀 Its safe to say that moving to France was exceedingly difficult, I found myself saying goodbye to people and associations that I was member of , like guides and a choir and school friends that I still speak to this day. The year we moved to France me and my sister were being home-educated. In effect I was a member of many groups such as cooking groups and I had the opportunity to have singing lessons as well as a choir. It never hit me that I left my life for good in England until my journey back to FranceRead More →

Hey, it is Hannah here!!!! 😊 My name is Hannah, I have lived in France for 5 years and am going to university next year to study economics. I am the second eldest out of 5 children also I am a Twin. I have decided to start to write a blog most of all because of confinement. I would like to talk about certain subjects close to heart. I am your average 18-year-old who likes to put on makeup, make my hair look nice and loves to cook. The subjects that interest me the most are sociology, economics, and Spanish.    I would like toRead More →