Hello it’s Hannah here i am in my second year of university in France . I am studying sociology . last week we had our final tests for the first semester of the second year  . In France they are called partiels . As far as testing goes in university in France . There are 2 notes you have : the marks from the Td’ (travail dirigé ) . If I were to describe it , I would call them classes . the partiels are tests from the lectures . The class work is supposed to compensate for the mark you get in the text forRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here School has started again !!! – ready to start writing the date wrong  . -new time tables are coming out  (university) – getting ready for the bac , brevet – the weather is cold Are you ready ? 🤔  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah here Today is Boxing Day but what does it mean . Boxing Day comes from the day where queen Victoria gave food , money and small presents to the people who worked for her to thank them for working on Christmas Day . the gifts also where for thanking them for their loyal services and a Christmas bonus .Read More →