Hello it’s Hannah here why study sociology ?  I never thought I would be here studying sociology , I had my heart set on economy . Over the holidays wrote the dictionary of economics out in a book to get ready for the new year . I saved all my revision notes from last year about economics . Last year I studied economy as a speciality , I really enjoyed it thus I wanted to study it at university . I moved university’s a week in because it was too far away and I am not used to living in the city . I movedRead More →

Prepositions prepositions have to be followed by either an ablative , accusative , dative , genitive ,vocative and nominative . For the moment we shall focus on the ablative and accusative . a ,ab, abs  + ablatif = en s’éloignant de /  en partant de , depuis , de ad + accusatif = vers / prés de / jusqu’à / pour / suivant ante +accusatif = avant / devant apud + accusatif = au près de / chez / dans cum + ablatif = avec de + ablatif = de , du haut de / au sortie de / au sujet de ex , eRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Let’s be honest it’s the holidays , who wants to be thinking about going to school ? Nevertheless the first day of school is important and scary , it is important to talk about . Never mind going to a French school when have or not just moved to France . I have been to two schools in France .I went to collège and lycée . I was thinking what if they ask me a question ? What if they find out I am English ? What if I don’t understand what they said ? I have always been quiet onRead More →

Hey, it is Hannah here!!!! My name is Hannah, I have lived in France for 6 years and am at  to university at the moment  to study sociology . I am the second eldest out of 5 children also I am a TWIN. I have decided to start to write a blog most of all because of confinement. I would like to talk about certain subjects close to heart. I am your average 18-year-old who likes to put on makeup, make my hair look nice and loves to cook. The subjects that interest me the most are sociology, economics, and Spanish.  Read More →