Hello it’s Hannah here As a student i live in a room with a fridge and toilet all in the same room . To my surprise when i got back from the christmas holidays i found my toilet would not stop running after it was flushed . I went to tell the reception my problem , but i was stuck with my problem for 2 days . As you maybe able to notice that at night time it was the worst thing in the world to have to hear . On top of that i was annoying everyone else with the noise but there wasRead More →

Hello its hannah here I don’t know this or not but you shouldn’t dry your dishes with a towel (unless you know its clean) . It can harbour bacteria . I have recently bought  myself a dryer rack to dry my dishes . It has come very handy . All i have to do is put them out to dry . I used a towel before but i have been told that it is not a very hygienic way to dry them (from a chef 👩‍🍳 ) . Yesterday i got a  dish drying mat to put under the drying rack .    Read More →

Hello its Hannah here Today the lessons are officially starting , the lessons are starting of light then they get become more and more until it is practically 8 am to 8pm .  As the lessons are starting so is the spread of covid . Some lessons are being halved . they are splitting the class in 2 , to accommodate the right amount of students in the classroom , some are going to be learning at home . As there will be more and more Learning at home , there will also be less motivation to go on to the lessons as wells asRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here As December approaches, I decided to decorate some biscuits . As I am still at university I decided to adapt the way I did it . I bought some biscuits because I didn’t want to impose in the kitchen for too long . I bought some icing sugar and water and food colouring mix the icing sugar and water together with food  colouring Then decorate to yours hearts content.  Read More →

Hello it’s Hannah , I am in my second year of university in France here are a few things I with I knew. 1) Get shopping trolly to bring with you to the shops . I have a blue one with three wheels . I was carrying back in bags it was the most tiring thing I have done  . You soon come to appreciate eating at home , when you don’t have to walk to the shops (you can go in car 😉) and you don’t always have to make it yourself everyday. 2) You don’t have to bring all your things with youRead More →

Hello it’s hannah  Contrary to what the tv shows portray as the student like (eating fast-food all the time , going out with friends , having friends in the building they stay in ) , I can say that personally it not at all like that for me , being English  and shy plays a big part . My day would typically be going to lessons and coming back to my room having dinner and sleeping. I eat alone in my room , sometimes I make it in the kitchen but most of the time i make it with my kettle and tins of vegetables andRead More →

First year of university (France) done ….. When I first thought about university I had the impression that there was this big building with loads of rooms  . Like in pitch perfect and every other film about uni . In the films they are in amphitheatres , chatting while the teacher was speaking , go out for drinks ect,.. I found out that it wasn’t so different to the films appart from the obvious differences  . There was a massive building with five levels ,  with different sized rooms. Next to it ,  there is a restaurant / cafeteria where you can eat . OppositeRead More →

DIY trifle Hello it’s Hannah here yesterday I decided to make a make a trifle at university  . I made it the simplest way I could possibly think of . I am so exited to share it ….. first of all you have to make jelly . I found some jelly and made a big batch up of it .( more for another pudding lol ). It took about 7 hours to set .   Secondly you have to buy some chocolate yoghurts with cream on top . finally once your jelly is set you serve it in to a bow and carefully put yourRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here I am currently in my first year of university in France , I came to France 6 years ago . I am studying sociology at the moment . Being English in a French university  has it’s pros and cons but for the most part it is a bit of a challenge . I have found over the years that going to the English group isn’t the wisest of choices  . The french kids  thinks that you don’t want to friends . Then comes the problem when the English group don’t want to friends with you either because you are too quiet.Read More →

This has taken me a while to find the courage to write ….. As you may know or not I have gone to university this year. I have not by any standards taken it well . I have gone miles away from home. I don’t like it because I am so far away as well as that the trams stress me out . It turns out that I am not a fan big cities. The first night was the worst , I just wanted to go home , I cried much I had no tears left to cry. I wanted to go home so badlyRead More →