Hello it’s Hannah here here are a few latin phrases I find interesting …..   Tempus fugit – times flies  Reductio ad absurdum – reduction to absurdity Respice, adspice, prospice – look to the past, look to the present, look to the future Ut sementem feceris ita metes – as you sow, so you will reap Veritas vos liberabit – the truth shall set you freeRead More →

Hello it’s Hannah here why study sociology ?  I never thought I would be here studying sociology , I had my heart set on economy . Over the holidays wrote the dictionary of economics out in a book to get ready for the new year . I saved all my revision notes from last year about economics . Last year I studied economy as a speciality , I really enjoyed it thus I wanted to study it at university . I moved university’s a week in because it was too far away and I am not used to living in the city . I movedRead More →

Hello it’s hannah here My name is Hannah, I have lived in France for 6 years and am at university . I am the second eldest out of 5 children also I am a TWIN. . The subjects that interest me the most are sociology, economics, and Spanish. I am currently learning latin. I have recently changed university and courses ; i have decided to move to sociology . I wasn’t sure weather it was my cup of tea but i am really enjoying it so far . As far as work is concerned it has been very demanding compared to lycée . I haveRead More →

Prepositions prepositions have to be followed by either an ablative , accusative , dative , genitive ,vocative and nominative . For the moment we shall focus on the ablative and accusative . a ,ab, abs  + ablatif = en s’éloignant de /  en partant de , depuis , de ad + accusatif = vers / prés de / jusqu’à / pour / suivant ante +accusatif = avant / devant apud + accusatif = au près de / chez / dans cum + ablatif = avec de + ablatif = de , du haut de / au sortie de / au sujet de ex , eRead More →

This has taken me a while to find the courage to write ….. As you may know or not I have gone to university this year. I have not by any standards taken it well . I have gone miles away from home. I don’t like it because I am so far away as well as that the trams stress me out . It turns out that I am not a fan big cities. The first night was the worst , I just wanted to go home , I cried much I had no tears left to cry. I wanted to go home so badlyRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Yesterday it was officially two weeks since  I am going to university to study economics . I have avoided thinking about it until now . I have had my birthday to think about before I thought  about university . I am going 6 hours away , it’s safe to say that it is a big step . I have never left home for more than 2 weeks . I have gone on school trips etc. but never have I  had to be completely responsable for myself . So far I am physically prepared , with my pans , chopping boards andRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Are you Being bullied ? Being bullied is a horrible experience of which I am sure everyone has been a target of . I have been bullied both In France and Engand , from a young age . I have also been put in a situation where it was me against the whole class due to one boy , who was popular . I have been a target of physical as well as emotional bullying through my life . I know from experience that being bullied can have devastating effects on you . I have know and have seen them. IRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here As you may know I haven’t been posting for the last week , time got the better of me . I was very busy due and forgot to do everything social media . Time is precious , even more precious  than money . What you spend your time on is your choice , after all it is your time What is time ?  a definition is not easy to come up with . There is no definition of time that is simple .  we deal with every day, it’s by definition  compact and robust definition of time has proved to beRead More →