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Hannah , une Anglophone france Living in France : French slang

Living in France : French slang

Hello it’s Hannah here ………

Today I am going to be discussing slang words in french  ,I have heard  and used over the 5 years I have lived in France  lets start !!!!!!

slt – s’il te plait (I use in messages mostly )

draguer – to flirt
piquer – to steal
une arnaque – a scam
un truc -a thing ( I started using this in 5e to describe everything ans anything at school)

 un mec – a guy
une meuf  – a woman,
un mail – un email (this is used daily by everyone )
c’est nul – that sucks ( love this one!!!!!)
nickel!  – perfect!
c’est top – that’s great

les gars  -boys

T’inquiète – Don’t worry
T’en fais pas / Ne t’en fais pas – Don’t worry
C’est n’importe quoi – It’s nonsense
Perdre la tête – to lose one’s head

I hope this helps .





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