A guide to how to survive college as a non francophone

Hey it’s Hannah here ….

It’s been 3 years now since I have been to college . I have just finished lycée and  I will be going to university next year .College was a roller coaster for me . I found it very hard , my results weren’t great and  didn’t have many friends . Nevertheless I do have some advice on surviving college .

  1. Don’t stick with the English : Sticking with the English people put’s a wedge between you and all the french people . Usually when you first get there they pair you up with an English person to help you . This in its self is not a bad thing , just be careful not to lose any french friends you may have ,
  2. Accept all the help you can get : I have learnt over the years that you have to take what you can get . The teachers are there to help you , They will help you how the best way they can think of . For exemple a easier dictée or being nicer when marking your test  . Even offer group help . If I could give any advice :  don’t fight it .
  3. Don’t feel stupid : I have felt so stupid when I wasn’t understood or I got it wrong .  I am really shy and an extreme introvert , as a result it was a nightmare to participate in the lesson .
  4. ATTENTION  : One teacher could make you feel stupid when an  other  could be  really patient  . Don’t think all teachers are unfriendly because one you have come across is .  The Key is   to continue participating  until you feel confident . It’s a working progress , it won’t happen over night . Sometime you will get knocked down ,you might lose your confidence . Eventually you will find it again.
  5.  Eat in : For the most part it allows you to make friends while socialising .






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