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Shopping in France

Hey it’s Hannah here

Shopping In France is different to shopping in England . The shop opening times are different and the prices are different . You have to be prepared to travel to get to a shop if you live in the county side  . On the contrary if you live in the city it is quite the opposite .

First of all shops close at 7:30 and don’t reopen until 8:30 in the morning . There have been times when I have needed something after 7:30 but wasn’t able to buy it . Sundays mornings are very busy because the shops are closed in the afternoon .

Where to go ?

I live in a small village , up the road there is some shops like Intermarché , leader price as well as Bricomarché . I feel blessed to be able to walk 5  minutes to the shops to get what I need. To add to that I don’t live in a busy city either .

when to go ?

the best time to go food shopping in lunch time (12-2) because it is not busy , this was very useful when we were confined to our homes due to covid19 .





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