English school to french school

Hey it’s Hannah here

Moving to France was a blessing , nevertheless there are some distinct differences between English schools and french schools .

First thing first , schools in France do not have uniform like schools in England , with the exception of private schools . People believe that wearing a school uniform make you study harder . I admet i loved wearing school uniform and I missed not wearing it in France .

second of all , schools in France look different from schools in England . Schools in England are more “modern” so to speak . I have found that french schools I have seen are either brick or stone . But know that I live in a small town , and attend a small school.

thirdly , in France you have to buy all your books and stationary by your self . the only thing that was provided was the school (desk etc …)

lastly in France everyone eats the same thing , or round about the same thing . There are always the vegetarian options and even vegan .




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