Latin day 26 : Translating a text (second text) part 2

Hey it’s Hannah here

have started to learn latin ,this is my twenty sixth day .I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me…

Aeque memorandum et de panthera tradit Demetrius physicus : iacentem in media via hominis desiderio repente apparuisse patri cuiusdam Philini, adsectatoris sapientiae ; illum pavore coepisse regredi, feram vero circumvolutari non dubie blandientem seseque conflictantem maerore qui etiam in panthera intellegi posset. feta erat, catulis procul in foveam delapsis


iacentem = to lie / to lie down

in media = the media

via = way / road

hominis  = human being

desiderio = desire

repente = suddenly, unexpectedly

apparuisse  = to appear

patri = father

cuiusdam = a certain one, a certain person, a certain thing

Philini = name

adsectatoris = follower

sapientiae =  wisdom

let’s put it together

lie down the media way human being desire suddenly to appear father a certain one philini name follower wisdom


lying in the middle of the road man’s desire suddenly appeared to the father of a Philini, follower of wisdom

problems :

  • it’s not middle
  • man not human being
  • road not way


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