The difference between french life and english life

Hey it’s Hannah here

Life in france is different from life in england . It is slower and sometimes less stressful . The school hours are different and the shop opening times aren’t as relaxed .

1) School : wedenesday you half a day or not at all if you are in primary school . But don’t be fooled , it is not a walk in the park going to school in france . From college to lycée the hours get longer and they ask more from you the older you get . You might be thinking “that’s normal ” , you would be right , you become more on more responsible for your actions .
2 ) the shop opening hours are different , it’s not 24h/24 . In england tesco’s was open all hours , but also most food shops shut around 10 o clock

3) universiy the fee’s for university are nothing compared to england . i am doing economics next year , it will be costing 300 for the whole year.

4 ) a private school in france is not te same as a private school in england . I have to admet i didn’t know this until my english teacher informed that a private school in france is a public school in england .


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