latin day 28: translating a text (second text) part 3

Hey it’s Hannah here
have started to learn latin ,this is my twenty eighth day .I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me…

Aeque memorandum et de panthera tradit Demetrius physicus : iacentem in media via hominis desiderio repente apparuisse patri cuiusdam Philini, adsectatoris sapientiae ; illum pavore coepisse regredi, , feram vero circumvolutari non dubie blandientem seseque conflictantem maerore qui etiam in panthera intellegi posset. feta erat, catulis procul in foveam delapsis. feta erat, catulis procul in foveam delapsis


non = no

dubie = doubtfully

blandientem = to flatter, to delude

seseque = join / reach

conflictantem = to harm

maerore = grief

qui = who

etiam = furthermore

in = at / in

panthera = panther

intellegi = to understand

posset = to seize / to hold

no doubtfully to flatter join to harm grief who furthermore in panther to understand to seize

the internet says :

and assert that he was contending with him who flatters me with sorrow, who are beyond a doubt it could be understood even in a panther?

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