Helping in English

Hey it’s Hannah here

Being English in France is tough but there are ways to solve these problems . Today I would like to discuss helping in English.

Being English means that i get asked for help / tell them the answers . Through college and i have been used by the people in my class to tell them the answer and then i get left alone , never spoken to again .

I would like to propose a effficant way to help those in need with english at college and lycée
– the best thing you can do is translate the words for them . They could ask you words they don’t know . That way they have to do some work . Doing it for them doesn’t help them . They learn nothing and you gain nothing from it .

it wouldn’t hurt to ask your self ask yourself would you ask them to do the same for you . I don’t know if your like me but i never ask them for help , i would feel stupid .( I advise you do though )

what do you think about this ?

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