Hey it’s Hannah here have started to learn latin ,this is my twenty ninth day .I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me… Aeque memorandum et de panthera tradit Demetrius physicus : iacentem in media via hominis desiderio repente apparuisse patri cuiusdam Philini, adsectatoris sapientiae ; illum pavore coepisse regredi, , feram vero circumvolutari non dubie blandientem seseque conflictantem maerore qui etiam in panthera intellegi posset. feta erat, catulis procul in foveam delapsis. feta erat, catulis procul in foveam delapsis. fetaRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Moving to france didn’t come without it’s surprises . There are so many different things that change . The paiement method is different in france , most of the time the French pay for things with checks. Meal times are so much more later than in england . the french eat around 8:00 – 9:00 at night . I was talking to someone at school about what i do after school , she was surprised that we eat around 6:00 . It’s safe to Dinner is late. I have already addressed this one : People will do” la bise” to sayRead More →