How to learn french ?

Hey it’s Hannah here

When I came to france I had to learn french quickly . It wasn’t how i thought it would be . I thought it would come natually going to french school every day . It wasn’t the case.

How is it possible ?
learning french come down to a few key point:
– grammar
– vocabulary
– syntax

you might be thinking , obvously , (it’s the base of every language ) but hear me out .

grammar consists of nouns / verbs / adverbs etc .
vocabulary allows you to write in french with more interesting words as well as ease when writing .
finally syntax is really important to make your phrases sound “french” . I have been told so many yime ” you don’t say that in french”

when i first got here i focussed on learning verbs and conjugation . I didn’t know how to improve my syntax . I have found that the best way to improve your synax at first is to learn phrases to write . Over time you will have used it so much that you don’t need to memorise them and you can learn some more until you don’t have to .

grammar is very much a problem that is solved by doing exercices to practice .I have found it good to go on websites to practice my grammar .


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