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Hannah , une Anglophone france The beginning …..

The beginning …..

Hey it’s Hannah here ….

At the beginning , when we moved to France it was fun and exiting !!! . It felt like we where on holiday , we were living in a very “French” house with a huge garden . We would play in the all day and eat ice Lolly’s .There was a pool as well .
We were living in France for 2 weeks before we started school . During this period , we went to loads of places , we got to know the town wrote were living in .
There was this huge hill you had to walk up or down to get any where . It felt like the world was our oyster . The kitchen was big wooden kitchen with a fire place and a massive table .
We met quite a lot of people , some were genuinely nice and wanted to help others weren’t . We learnt a harsh lesson that you can’t always trust everyone you meet .
The place where we lived , there was a park close to us .we used to go on long walks and regret it instantly when we realised we had gone too far

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