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starting school

Hey it’s Hannah here

walking in to the school for the first time was like walking into a unknown world . The school looked so different to any school i had been to . Although it wasn’t the first time i had been there i was going to be left there all on my own . We had been there to see it a week before but it wasn’t the same.
We had to walk through the primary school before we could could enter the secondary school . It was all connected .
we met the english teacher first , he was really nice . He spoke to us in english as well.
the first lesson we had in france was history , I Didn’t really understand what she was saying , luckily she wrote it on the board . Nevertheless I still couldn’t understand what it said .

the whole day was a blur to be honest i don’t really remember what i ate for lunch or most of the lessons . The only thing i remember is the english lesson . The lesson was about the american flag and the stars on the flag .


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