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Hey it’s Hannah here

At school , there was quite a few clubs offered . The first year wasn’t really our choice but at the the same time it was . When we first met the headmisteress and the headmaster they asked us what we liked to do . We said we liked to play the flute / clarinet and sing etc .

It didn’t come to our surprise to find out that we were put in orchestra and choir . It was terrifying , everyone was nice but i was so much out of my confort zone that i propably seemed like it i didn’t want to be there . To be fair i didn’t really want to but i soon got used to it .

we also did choir , it wasn’t my cup of tea either , even though i has passed 5 singing exams . The warm ups where different and made to have fun with . As i am shy i hated doing them . I didn’t properly sing for a few months . When i left the room it felt like a relief .

There were so many different options of clubs to do like :
étude : it’s study time
arts and craft

there were also different subjects that offered help . I had to go to a history / geography one . It’s safe to say that i wasn’t doing well in history .

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