Time ………

Hey it’s Hannah here

As you may know I haven’t been posting for the last week , time got the better of me . I was very busy due and forgot to do everything social media . Time is precious , even more precious  than money . What you spend your time on is your choice , after all it is your time

What is time ?  a definition is not easy to come up with . There is no definition of time that is simple .  we deal with every day, it’s by definition  compact and robust definition of time has proved to be remarkably tricky and elusive.

. We only have so many seconds, hours , and minutes in our life . Every second counts , in total  we have about 22,075,000 in general .

It is known that we spend 26 years sleeping in a life time which is equal to  9,490 days or 227,760 hour.

We should do what we love because why spend YOUR time doing what you hate .

,Moving to France has been a time in my life that I haven’t regretted to this day and will never regret . Do what you have to do to make your time worth it !!!!!


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