Hey it’s Hannah here

Are you Being bullied ?

Being bullied is a horrible experience of which I am sure everyone has been a target of .
I have been bullied both In France and Engand , from a young age . I have also been put in a situation where it was me against the whole class due to one boy , who was popular .
I have been a target of physical as well as emotional bullying through my life . I know from experience that being bullied can have devastating effects on you . I have know and have seen them.
I have learn and heard so many times “they are just jealous” .I have finally understood that they were right but at that time I didn’t believe them .
As I was a victim of bullying the best way of dealing with it is to tell someone , I never did that till it was too late . Are you scared you won’t be believed ? I know that feeling !!! Don’t be !!! Don’t let the bully win .
The first thing is to do is to let it : I don’t mean to say, tell someone, I mean write it down or say it out loud to yourself .
Cry it out !!!!!! Trust me it helps . You get a clearer point of view and can decide what to do for the best .
Next tell someone WHEN YOUR READY . It could be your friend , your sister , or your parents etc

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