Hey it’s Hannah here

Yesterday it was officially two weeks since  I am going to university to study economics . I have avoided thinking about it until now . I have had my birthday to think about before I thought  about university .

I am going 6 hours away , it’s safe to say that it is a big step . I have never left home for more than 2 weeks . I have gone on school trips etc. but never have I  had to be completely responsable for myself .

So far I am physically prepared , with my pans , chopping boards and towels etc . but some how I don’t feel ready to go .

yesterday I turned 19 , with age is supposed to come wisdom , I feel none the wiser regarding going to university . Even being 18 years old you are expected to be like an adult . You have the freedom to do nearly everything you want to do but you are not necessarily ready for that freedom .

Going to university in France brings it’s own problems , such as the language . I have lived in France for 6 years in October . Nevertheless I haven’t been to the pharmacy or the doctors by myself . I will have to speak to the doctor etc. by myself  ( I can’t even do that in English ).




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