Hey it’s Hannah here At school , there was quite a few clubs offered . The first year wasn’t really our choice but at the the same time it was . When we first met the headmisteress and the headmaster they asked us what we liked to do . We said we liked to play the flute / clarinet and sing etc . It didn’t come to our surprise to find out that we were put in orchestra and choir . It was terrifying , everyone was nice but i was so much out of my confort zone that i propably seemed like it iRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here walking in to the school for the first time was like walking into a unknown world . The school looked so different to any school i had been to . Although it wasn’t the first time i had been there i was going to be left there all on my own . We had been there to see it a week before but it wasn’t the same. We had to walk through the primary school before we could could enter the secondary school . It was all connected . we met the english teacher first , he was really nice .Read More →

Hey it’s Hannah here …. At the beginning , when we moved to France it was fun and exiting !!! . It felt like we where on holiday , we were living in a very “French” house with a huge garden . We would play in the all day and eat ice Lolly’s .There was a pool as well . We were living in France for 2 weeks before we started school . During this period , we went to loads of places , we got to know the town wrote were living in . There was this huge hill you had to walk upRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Moving to France has been a journey that I will never forget . Before moving to France we had to sort out a lot of things . We had to sort out stuff like school , a place to live , where to move to etc.. We had to say goodbye to loads of people and sort out the stuff to bring with us . We were told about moving to France a few months before . I remember like it was yesterday saying goodbye to friends and family in England . The worst part of being told we were movingRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah moving to France has created problems I wasn’t prepared for . It caused a feeling of belonging nowhere . Let me explain : when I moved to France I didn’t and don’t feel like it fit in , I am not french and will never be like everyone in France . Things that make me feel like I don’t belong are : I don’t speak like everyone else ( I don’t have a french accent ) , I don’t have the same culture or traditions as everyone in France . I have found my self  to celebrating them because I find themRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here have started to learn latin ,this is my twenty ninth day .I am fully aware that it is considered a dead langage but I have decided to start to learn latin . I would like you to go on this journey with me… the first conjugation : abam abas abam abamus abatis abant the second conjugation ebam ebas ebam ebamus ebatis ebant the third conjugation ebam ebas ebam ebamus ebatis ebant the mixt third conjugation iebam iebas iebam iebamus iebatis iebant the fourth conjugation iebam iebas iebam iebamus iebatis iebant Hannah  Read More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Let’s be honest it’s the holidays , who wants to be thinking about going to school ? Nevertheless the first day of school is important and scary , it is important to talk about . Never mind going to a French school when have or not just moved to France . I have been to two schools in France .I went to collège and lycée . I was thinking what if they ask me a question ? What if they find out I am English ? What if I don’t understand what they said ? I have always been quiet onRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here When I came to france I had to learn french quickly . It wasn’t how i thought it would be . I thought it would come natually going to french school every day . It wasn’t the case. How is it possible ? learning french come down to a few key point: – grammar – vocabulary – syntax you might be thinking , obvously , (it’s the base of every language ) but hear me out . grammar consists of nouns / verbs / adverbs etc . vocabulary allows you to write in french with more interesting words as well asRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Today we will discus Public holidays in france In france there are public holidays A public holiday is a special day because during it, no one works except a few important services, such as firefighters, hospitals, police…. . Sunday is also public holiday a day. a few examples are :, 1st January -New Year’s Day / Jour de l’an 1 May- Labor Day / Fête du Travail; 8 May- WWII Victory Day /Fête de la Victoire 1945; Fête du huitième mai 14 July- Bastille Day / Fête nationale 15 August- Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary /Assomption 1 November – AllRead More →

Hey it’s Hannah here Today I would like to discuss the french health care system There are 2 types of social protections the bismarckian system the beverigien system The Bismarckian system is based on the logic of insurance: all employees contribute . It is bulit up with insurance funds to distribute social benefits. This is the case for france The Beverigian system: is based on assistance, citizens obtain rights to social benefits financed not by employees and businesses but by everyone through taxes. This is the case for England fun fact beverigian is a was created by William Beveridge , an economist . In franceRead More →